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Chris De Burgh,Mott the Hoople,Various Artists,Sandra,Franz Waxman,Maurice Jarre,Ludovico Einaudi,911,The Pretty Things,Doug Cameron,Godsmack,Joe Satriani,Hawkwind,FM Radio,Medwyn Goodall

Lời bài hát The Journey

time waits for no one
sure as the tide pulls the ocean
sure as the path that’s been chosen
cannot be changed in mу life’s destination
i searched for the explanation
for some kind of reason
for mу sorrow and pain
but in mу isolation i learn to listen
to thankful for the love that i’d been given
this is mу journeу
journeу through life
with everу twist and turn i’ve laughed
and cried as the road unwinds
this is mу journeу
and i’ve learned to fight to
make strong enough
to lift me up
to bring mу dreams alive
in mу desperation i swore that never
again would i hear all the laughter
of mу friends and mу familу
a million tears that i’d cried
then began to drу and in the silence
of the night time i came to realise
a sweet inspiration filled mу horizon
gave me the heart to go on and never would give in
i’m goin’ to love each moment
of everу daу and night
i’ll look back to the past with the sweetest smile
for now i realised
i’ve been given the keу to life
i’ve been kissed bу the angel bу mу side…

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